Our Watermelon season is in full swing. This year we really wanted to find the absolute best watermelon variety. To accomplish this we grew 50 different varieties of watermelon. This years watermelon season looks promising, and of our 50 varieties we think that we have found several unique and flavourful varieties!

20150730_131556                          20150807_114506


To grow our watermelons we rely heavily on pollinators. Each acre of watermelon we grow requires at least one hive of honey bees. Rather than rely solely on the European honey-bee, we thought we would try planting a native pollinator mix that would support the growth of native pollinators like bumblebees, squash bees, and mason bees.

20150812_181704            20150809_123037





 The pollinator mix seems to be doing well, and has attracted countless beneficial insects. We invite you out to our farm to take a walk through our flower garden while it is in bloom.

We are growers of strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, pumpkins and countless other fruits and vegetables. The Howe family has been farming in Elgin County since 1861. We strive to supply our local community with the the most abundant variety and the freshest fruits and vegetables. We are advocates on the importance of eating local, and supporting local, which is why we only stock fruits and vegetables grown by ourselves or by trusted neighbours.


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